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Kiki Ceac aka K-The-I??? is an MC and producer born in Cambridge, MA, but based in Los Angeles, California. Working with Mush Records, he released "Broken Love Letter" in 2006 before Big Dada released his next record, "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow,"(produced by Thavius Beck) for the world outside the US. Kiki's most recent album, "Synesthesia," for Fake Four Inc, sees him producing instead of MCing.

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Thavius Beck 'Go!/Away' Out Today

Thavius Beck - Go!/Away

Dialogue day!

Thavius Beck - Dialogue


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  • "How I did on Twitter this week: 80 Mentions, 5.43K Mention Reach, 10 Retweets. How'd your week go? via http://t.co/TBRmp3GkLl"

    Mon Mar 30 20:01:07 2015
  • "My best RTs this week came from: @gentlejones @SpotifyNowPlay #thankSAll Who were yours? http://t.co/IQE19aNekZ http://t.co/CkLWXV6Dgy"

    Mon Mar 30 17:33:51 2015
  • "RT @OptimisGFN: np AlphaFlightSkyWAVE G.O.D.S with @kthei http://t.co/1Z7vzvWIIE"

    Sun Mar 29 21:39:15 2015
  • "Fresh & clean. Now off to the studio!!!"

    Sun Mar 29 21:11:49 2015
  • "Shower time... The. Studio time... Then work!!! Lol. Work I'm dreading the most. Haha. But yeah... Time to get fresh & clean. 🚿🚿🚿"

    Sun Mar 29 20:37:04 2015

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