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Coming out with one of the most anticipated and long-awaited albums so far on Brainfeeder is Samiyam aka Sam Baker. “Sam Baker’s Debut Album” is 40 minutes of pure listening pleasure, a series of woozy, off-centre hip hop instrumentals drawing heavily on Baker’s love of electronic funk but never in hock to it. Intensely detailed and carrying considerable emotional weight, this is not “Rap Beats Volume 2” but an album of fully-realised pieces of music which stand on their own without the need for an MC’s intervention.

Ann Arbor native, Samiyam (born Sam Baker) moved to Los Angeles in 2006. In his short time out West, he has become one of the city’s most progressive and recognized producers, a man who has spearheaded the revival of interest in instrumental hip-hop music over the last few years. Baker’s “Rap Beats Vol.1” collection was the very first release on Brainfeeder. He has also collaborated with old friend Flying Lotus as Flyamsam as well as having releases on Hyperdub and Poo-Bah records. 

Samiyam describes the work contained in his “Debut album” simply as, “my favourite stuff” – and what could be better than that?

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Ninja Tune Podcast - Slugabed

Solid Steel Radio Show - 29 July 2011

This week DK kicks off the first hour with new music from Skream, two juke inspired tracks from the excellent Machinedrum album, the VIP mix of "Out in the streets" and early 90's jungle selection, with Machinedrum once again on the edit and a Congo Natty classic. Then it's into two prime reggae cuts from Tenor Saw and Michigan & Smiley, plus more from the Samiyam album on Brainfeeder and we continue with jazz from Jeremy Steig, a Soul II Soul cover from Zed Bias, their protege Wookie and another track from Raffertie off his new EP on Ninja Tune.

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Samiyam - 'Sam Baker's Album' Out Now

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  • "shout out to Sam Baker from the Atlanta Falcons and Sam Baker the country singer"

    Mon Aug 18 16:43:57 2014
  • "RT @eflat7sharp9: "Sam Baker" is trending in the US. i'm gonna pretend it's for @SAMIYAMBEATS, even though it's probably for a way less awe…"

    Mon Aug 18 16:41:43 2014
  • "Saw a dude walk out of his house in a flesh colored t-shirt. For a second, I thought he just had really loose skin and no nipples."

    Mon Aug 11 20:07:24 2014
  • "Do some exercise, brush your teeth, try being a decent human being for a few days. You'll be surprised how good these things make you feel."

    Mon Aug 11 19:53:51 2014
  • "hahahaha the description of that song on youtube. "Arab looking white man, Sam Baker aka Samiyam..." great job, whoever wrote that."

    Mon Aug 11 14:04:29 2014

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