Released 03/09/2012

Following on from his debut Tunnel EP of 2009 on Ninja Tune, Shuttle returns with a monstrous EP in the form of Halo. Shuttle, otherwise known as Nathan Donmoyer is also the touring drummer of synthpop giants Passion Pit. The Shuttle project allows him to explore electronic music as a solo act and with this EP it fully showcases the breadth of his talents as a producer. 

The lead track "Halo" is his most confident and far reaching track yet. With a big stabby bass line and newcomer Isom Innis's powerful vocals, it is set to make big waves over the summer. "Whip" continues the dancefloor focus, with a shuffling drum beat that was born out of his late-night New Orleans sessions at The Saint that this and "Halo" were written for. The second half of the EP gets more reflective starting with the nostalgic "Wake Up", a yearning vocal about wanting to be back in your own home next to your loved one, with that bittersweet washed out feeling. A highlight of the EP is "Apple", a follow up and brother of his debut EP track "Tunnel". Displaying the balance of forward movement and cathartic release which underpins Shuttles work, its also showcases his skill with melodic songwriting and a highly individualised and modern sound. 

Nathan was originally born in Southern Maryland where the sewers of D.C. and Baltimore drain and combine to irrigate tobacco plantations and dirt bike tracks. Such toxic sludge dripping into his childhood water supply has left him obsessed with sound. First testing his creations in dank basements on the carousing crowds of the collegiate crossway in Allston, Massachusetts, he came to Ninja Tune's attention via remixes of The Death Set and Daedelus. 

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