Mountains Come Out Of The Sky

Mountains Come Out Of The Sky


Released 16/07/2012

The next single from Greg Feldwick’s acclaimed album, Time Team is stand-out track "Mountains Come Out Of The Sky", which offers a multicoloured, outlandish example of the Slugabed working method in microcosm. Built around a vocal sample from unfashionable prog-rockers Yes, Feldwick constructs skittering, off-centre beats and robot-soul keyboard lines into a lopsided, gradually growing epic, which is futuristic and nostalgic, funny and quietly mournful all at once. 

The remixes he has pulled in show just how highly rated Slugabed is by his contemporaries. Sometime Brainfeeder boy Lapalux pitches the vox up and the bass down, building another of his fragile and intricate takes on r&b. ARP 101 (aka Alix Perez), best known for his d&b flex, instead reimagines the original as Southern bounce. Two People emphasise the rich textures of the material before swinging it out into a keyboard solo to give Rick Wakeman damp underwear. Kutmah meanwhile, messes with the tempo and, in fact, the whole delicate balance of the tune, until it races itself into a kind of post-apocalyptic mental breakdown. The package is rounded out by Slugabed’s “I Dreamt I Could Skateboard Really Well” which sounds like the most intense soundtrack ever invented for childhood trauma. 

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I Dreamt I Could Skateboard Really Well
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