People Like People Like You

People Like People Like You


Released 06/04/2009

“It’s incredibly easy to fall in love with an album when it takes in elements of slow-core, post-rock, shoe-gaze, folk and pop music so effortlessly… Absolutely gorgeous stuff and a real find…” -

“Given the right push Spokes have the potential to breach the mainstream, the potential is there for all to see on this record. Memories of your first experience of Broken Social Scene or even Arcade Fire are sure to come flooding back, as the five-piece tap into the celebratory nature of both revered Canadian acts. Spokes are definite ‘ones to watch’, long may it continue.” - Angry Ape

'People Like People Like You' is the stunning debut record from Manchester quintet Spokes. Originally released in 2008 on their own Everyone Label imprint, it is now being reissued by Counter Records.

Spokes are originally from the rolling hills of North East England, which perhaps explains the rustic feel of their reverb-soaked, violin-coated sound, one that has been compared to Canada’s Arcade Fire. 'People Like People Like You' is already causing great excitement in the independent press receiving ‘album of the week’ status on Boomkat and glittering reviews on Don’t Panic and Angry Ape. Their ambitious live performances combine field recordings and accidental noise with a delicate but powerful 5 piece band.

The opening track 'We Like To Dance and Steal Things' opens with a beautifully arranged instrumental passage that builds and escalates into a tumble of crescendo and tempered euphoria. While this stand out ‘single’ has received prime-time airplay on BBC Radio, ‘Sometimes Words Are Too Slow’ explores a larger template with its wailing strings and marching drums. ‘End Credits/Loveletter’ ends the record with genuine moment of improvisation; a solitary piano recorded without realising the tape was still running, opening a door onto the private world of Spokes.

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We Like to Dance and Steal Things
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Young People! All Together
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Scatter: I Miss You
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Sometimes Words Are Too Slow
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End Credits / Loveletter
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