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Solid Steel Radio 26-04-13 - Mixmaster Morris, Coldcut & Blackjob

After last week's frantic session, it's a more laid back affair all round as we welcome Mixmaster Morris for our 25th Anniversary slot.

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What Is Ninja Jamm?

An exclusive sneak peek at Ninja Jamm - the new remix app from Ninja Tune and Seeper!

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Solid Steel Radio 22/03/2013 - Coldcut, Fink & Natural Self

Coldcut take charge this week, easing in with a reggae selection before Fink takes over in the 25th anniversary slot & a we have mix from Natural Self to close the show.

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Solid Steel Radio 15/02/2013 - Coldcut & Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle

This week on Solid Steel we have Coldcut in the studio and then Chris Carter from Throbbing Gristle in our 25th Anniversary slot.

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