Ninja Tune presents: The Bug's Acid Ragga 7" label

"After London Zoo I wanted to come with something totally fresh, and ACID RAGGA is it." - Kevin Martin, The Bug

The Bug is returning. After dropping the hugely successful London Zoo album in 2008 ("Hovers immaculate between beauty and fear" - The Wire) he's returning with a Roland TB-303 in hand, and an 808 under his arm, detonating a new genre and sub-label: Acid Ragga

But this isn't your parent's second coming of the summer of love acid. This time there will be no smiley faces, no ecstasy, and no future. The world is truly fucked and Kevin Martin can always be relied on to soundtrack armageddon time. Rather this dystopian acid takes influence from pioneers like Plastikman, Phuture's "Cocaine/Your Only Friend", Aphex Twin etc… and twists it into Kevin's own perverted take on classic dancehall. Harkening back to when "Sleng Teng" refined Jamaican music as we know it, the Acid Ragga imprint will forever scar the face of raggamuffin reggae. 

First up is "Can't Take This No More" which finds the legendary Daddy Freddy slowed down to a menacing crawl, on a countdown to self destruction. The flip features Inga Copeland (Hype Williams) on "Rise Up", sounding like Donna Summer on smack, crooning inna deeper shade of blue.

The debut Acid Ragga release will be swiftly followed by single 2,  "Ganja Baby" feat. Daddy Freddy, which is a body breaking, robo-raggamuffin, weed anthem (Think "Witness the Fitness" remixed by Richie Hawtin in cold crush mode.)

Watch for a continuing series of Acid Ragga singles throughout the year, leading up to the next Bug album proper Angels & Devils. Names that The Bug is working with on the project, in addition to Inga Copeland and Daddy Freddy include Death Grips, Gonjasufi, Grouper, JK Flesh (Godflesh/Jesu), The Spaceape, Flowdan + Warrior Queen.

Pre-order Can't Take This No More now at the Ninjashop, and listen to a preview clip below.