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Roland "Rollie" Pemberton aka Cadence Weapon had never released an album, but by age 18 had become an infamous hip-hop reviewer at online indie music mecca Pitchfork, also writing reviews for Stylus and Wired magazines. He launched his own mp3 blog, RazorBladeRunner - now retired - and began remixing artists as a producer and posting his home mixes on his blog, to much critical acclaim. Early in 2005 Cadence Weapon decided to compile some of his favourite remixes and freestyles and released his "Cadence Weapon Is The Black Hand" mixtape, sold only online and at shows. Canadian label Upper Class Recordings signed Mr. Pemberton on the spot.

"Breaking Kayfabe"was released in Canada to instant praise and notoriety, culminating in two prized nominations; a Plug Independent Award for Best Rap Album and the Polaris Music Prize (modeled after the Mercury Prize).

Anti/Epitaph Records, signed Cadence Weapon for the USA. In conjunction with Cadence's SXSW 2006 performances, Breaking Kayfabe was released in the USA March 13 through Upper Class/Epitaph. Big Dada re-released "Breaking Kayfabe" for the rest of the world and, in 2008, followed it up with "After Party Babies." He released a new album, "Hope In Dirt City" in 2012.

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