Chemical Fever

Chemical Fever


Released 14/05/2012

Emika's eponymous debut album established an innovative new voice in electronic music. An artist as comfortable as a vocalist and musician as she is a sound designer working in the outer reaches of bass-heavy music. She picked up some big fans along the way too such as Thom Yorke, Amon Tobin, Mary-Anne Hobbs and publications ranging from FACT and Resident Advisor to The Guardian and The Sunday Times. Whilst we eagerly await for Emika's sophomore album which will no doubt raise the bar yet further with its ambition, Ninja Tune will release the Chemical Fever EP.

"Chemical Fever" is state of delirium, a loss of awareness of time and the physical. A present moment focus surrounded by a beautiful fire, which has to be clung onto, the only thing that matters. It's a homage to the world that first inspired the recordings of Emika, more akin to her field recording work for Funf. It evokes the late-night dark, boundary-less venues of Berlin such as the Berghain, it captures the common spirituality of a dancefloor getting lost in sound. It showcases Emika's music at its most pure, underground and intense. The release comes backed by apt remixes by Berlin electronic aficionado Substance and one of the leading lights on the CLR imprint Tommy Four Seven, who takes on album track "The Long Goodbye" - both remixes staying faithful to the deep and hypnotic vibe. The package is complete with the exclusive track "Save It". Emika worked closely with Berlin's famous producer Rashad Becker, collaborating on the production & sound design of "Save It" and" Chemical Fever".

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Chemical Fever
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