3 Hours

3 Hours


Released 13/02/2012

Emika returns with the fourth single from her critically-acclaimed eponymously-titled debut album. The opening track of that record, and one of its standouts, is the remarkable "3 Hours", an industrial tinged track which at once showcases Emika's skills a bass-heavy composer, recording artist and commanding vocalist, who can take you places however metaphorical and also classically trained pianist. 

“3 Hours” is about being strong and resisting whatever dark vibes that might come your way. It’s about being honest and upfront about whom you are. It is also the song (in demo form) that clinched her a deal with Ninja Tune and written soon after Emika’s move to Berlin from Bristol after a Sunday afternoon spent dancing to Marcel Dettmann in the Bergahain. 

The title itself comes from an experience Anglo-Czech artist Emika had when still a teenager when she made one of the most crucial decisions of her life as a youngster within three hours, a decision that has put her in good stead. 

Emika explains, "this song, this vibe, it's my guts and spirit from start to finish. It is almost 4 years old now all ready and yet to my ears, it still sounds like tomorrow. I saved this special one for my fans until now, this is the final single from my debut album." 

In addition to the original version, Emika has joined forces with Jimmy Edgar to collaborate on a brand new version of “3 Hours”. Edgar opens up the original, on a future New Jack Swing tip. Edgar is a fellow Berlin resident and impressive discography from Warp to iK7, he also directed the upcoming video. Kilon Tek rounds the package off with a late-night dancefloor assault.

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