Overwhelmed EP

Overwhelmed EP


Released 08/08/2011

Everyone’s favourite purveyor of electronic Victorian dandyism returns with a new EP of remixes from his Bespoke album. Featuring the space-soul vox of Bilal, the original is as muscular as it is intricate, a continuing tribute to the West Coast producer’s way with sound. Anyone who runs wobble-bass up against drum taradiddles and the odd burst of thumping four-to-the-floor is okay by us.

First up on remix duty is Star Slinger. Hotly tipped by the likes of Jamie XX and Diplo, Mr. Slinger slathers the tune in galaxy-funk keys and gets his considerable groove on. New Ninja signing Raffertie harnesses warm bass to a xylophone orchestra for a mix so good it appears twice (the second time as a dub). Hot Flush-signed Sepalcure take “Tailor Made” and unleash its inner rave monster, with a final result that sounds like a group of choir boys tripping in ‘Beefa.

Innovative and clever, but also soulful and with an easy feel for the funk, Daedelus is one of the wonders of modern electronic music. Smarten up.

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Overwhelmed (feat. Bilal)
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Overwhelmed (Star Slinger Remix) (feat. Bilal)
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Overwhelmed (Raffertie Remix) (feat. Bilal)
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Tailor-Made (Sepalcure Remix) (feat. Milosh)
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Overwhelmed (Raffertie Dub) (feat. Bilal)
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