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Animals on Wheels is just one individual - Andrew Coleman. Based a few miles outside Cambridge in the UK, Coleman works full-time on writing and producing music.

Coleman has been involved in making electronic music since 1994 after attempts at forming bands with other musicians fell flat. Starting out from humble beginnings, sharing a 2nd hand sampler and Atari with friends, the animals on wheels sound was only fully developed when Coleman began using a pc computer and found the delights of audio multitracking.

Animals On Wheels first released material on Bovinyl, a home-grown independent which was set-up by Cambridge comrades Tim Gould (Milky Boy), Adam Butler (Vert) and Richard Watson (DJ Tiny Penis). The impetus behind the label was purely a gratuitous opportunity to exploit the bovine form and, of course, to put their own music on vinyl. Despite only a few pressings being made, Bovinyl records managed to wing their way across the globe and quickly became known for a unique and slightly twisted take on electronic breakbeat driven music.

Animals On Wheels releases on Bovinyl [12" only]: BOV 3 'Serious Piss Take EP' [only 30 test pressings made] BOV 4 'Baits Bite' [includes the track 'Soluble Ducks']

In 1997, Animals On Wheels released 'Designs and Mistakes' on Ninja Tunes - a blend of processed samples, manipulated break-beats and melancholy melodies - defining the unique Animals on Wheels sound.

Over the last 2 years the Animals On Wheels sound has developed and deepened. In 'Nuvol i Cadira', the latest album release on N-Tone, the Animals On Wheels sound defined by Designs and Mistakes is still there but the fast tempos found in earlier releases have given way to a richer, more organic sound.

The title of the album, 'Nuvol i Cadira', was inspired by Coleman's interest in the art and ideas of Antoni Tàpies , a contemporary Catalan artist who lives and works in his native City of Barcelona. 'Nuvol i Cadira' translates from Catalan as 'Cloud and Chair' and is the name of a Tàpies sculpture found on top of the Tàpies foundation in Barcelona.

Coleman has produced a video to accompany a tune from 'Nuvol i Cadira', 'Never in and Never Out', which uses filmed DV footage from the river and fen landscape where he lives, with animation and digital painting effects. In keeping with his preference for working alone on music, Coleman produced, animated and edited the video himself.

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