Warm Shadow

Warm Shadow


Released 10/03/2013

'Warm Shadow' is taken from Fink's fourth studio LP, 'Perfect

Darkness', an album that draws a bright thread through an

exploration of difficult times, and which continues to garner

immense acclaim from the media and public alike. 'Warm Shadow' is a

love song at heart:  a meditation on wanting a moment not to end,

but knowing absolutely that it will.

The original is complemented perfectly by a stunning cover version

courtesy of legendary saxophonist Colin Stetson and his bandmate in

Bon Iver, lead writer/vocalist Justin Vernon. In their hands, the

song's forward motion becomes chillingly ominous - hauntingly so -

and relentlessly gripping by way of an almost metallic melody and

an anxious, thudding rhythm.

The remixes come from Sideshow and Marcus Worgull - with Sideshow

taking us into their trademark organic re-work with more than a

hint of Dub, and Marcus, following in the footsteps of his huge

'Move On Me' bootleg from last year, takes the original and

linearises it into the Berlin night...."

A version of 'Warm Shadow' will feature on Episode 13 of the hit

AMC drama 'Walking Dead'.

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