On Girls Music

We could bang on about the heavy beats, the insistent bassline that gets RIGHT inside your brown bread and won’t let you go. The euphoric breakdown, the sheer bombastic, incendiary sonic mastery of the tunes here before you.

You’re a DJ though, or a journalist and you’ve read all that before and been well let down. That’s not how we’re moving here.

All you need know is this is a GIRLS MUSIC release. Girls Music is the label lovingly curated by Toddla T and Raf Daddy and coming out of the Ninja Tune stable.

This is release number 4. The first three were by Toddla, Lady Chann (a Sticky production) and DJ Q. This one is by TODDSKA. A collab between Roska Roska Roska (an artist so good he got named 3 times) and the mighty steel city badman DJ Toddla T.

These two ascending stars of 2010 are kicking off 2011 with Cowboy/Gal From England a two track must have release.

This puppy’s gonna sort you out.