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Welcome to the world of Des Demure. Where basslines roll heavy and beats skip tight.

Conal Desmond Mulkeen to his Mum, 24 year old Des Demure is resident at the musically forward thinking and notoriously hedonistic Bigger Than Barry parties in Birmingham and Leeds. The two tunes here are great club music for DJs but there is a breadth of sound on them which lift them above much of the rest of the "post garage" fever that is sweeping the bedroom studios of the nation.

They take the beats and heavy bass of straight Ayia Napa garage and couple them with the synth textures of techno and proper electronics to create music that is at once jump-up and stop-and-listen.

With plenty more up his sleeve Des Demure is a name to watch.

This is release number 5 on Toddla T and Raf Daddy's Girls Music and follows Toddska, Lady Chann and DJ Q in exploring another corner of UK bass music. Release number 6 looks further afield to the USA for an EP of Moombahton by Heartbreak. Keep em peeled.


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