Be The Music

Mr. Scruff
Be The Music


Released 20/08/2012

Mr Scruff is deep. He is deeper than Lake Baikal. Deeper than Plato. He’s deeper than James Cameron’s submersible. Scruff is deeper than the conspiracy to shoot John F Kennedy. Way deeper than your deepest thoughts after smoking your biggest, packedest doobie-woobie. Deeper than Borjomi. He is, it almost goes without saying, deeper than the deepest feelings you’ve ever held for another human being. He is deeper than the recession, deeper than your deepest, darkest fears. He makes the Mariana Trench look like a scratch on the surface of a finely polished coffee table. He’s so deep you can see him from space. What we are saying is, Scruff is DEEP.

“Be The Music” and ”Nervous Energy” eschew Swami Scruff’s cheeky sampling of yore and in its place put rock hard rhythms built up into driving polyrhythmic dancefloor mania. "Be The Music” combines them with a kind of digi-dubbed b-line while “Nervous Energy” is built round what sounds like a classic funk riff played as all-over body-wobble. The results in both cases are hypnotic, powerful, hugely danceable and packed with so much understanding of funk and modern music that they burst with it. In particular, Scruff knows as well as anyone out there, that not doing too much is the key to doing just enough. And that, my friends, is wisdom.

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