Actress 'Ghettoville' Deluxe Boxset Edition: Photos

On 27 January 2014 Actress will release his new album, Ghettoville, a creative continuation and musical sequel to the Werkdiscs label boss' 2008 debut full-length, Hazyville, which he bears as the "bleached out and black tinted conclusion of the Actress image."

Take a closer look at the boxset edition here or via the Werkdiscs Facebook with a collection of photos presented by Hard Format, which includes a 3LP Ghettoville vinyl and CD, as well as - for the first time ever on vinyl - a 2LP white vinyl edition of Hazyville and CD. The boxset also contains a 40-page artbook, all carefully encased in a black "elephant-skinned" outer box.

Order Ghettoville in boxset format (exclusive Ninjashop earlybird price of £50), 3LP, 2CD and digitally from the Ninjashop, iTunes and Amazon.