Amsterdam, Paradiso

Ninja just played a great show in Amsterdam, Paradiso. We've had troublegetting a gig here before as promoters apparently thought we couldn't filla venue. Well now proved them wrong fnar fnar... the venue was wicked, witha maybe 20ft screen and bazooka-stylee video projector, the sound systemwas good, theatre style, the people there helpful+on tha case, , sorted usrite out though a mad one was seeing all our gear on a single narrow 20foot bench being hiked 15 foot into the air using powerered chains so theband on before could set up! Every single bit of equipment had to beindividually taped down or chained onto the bench to make sure it didn'tfall off: techno bondage. Nothing seemed the worse for the experience. The place was full with 200 people turned away; InterFace broadcast aRealVideo of the whole night from the main room, and generally we rockedit. Clifford opened in the main room and delivered a rude very jazzy setwith live bass and harmonica. We used the InterFace camera mixed back intothe CCTV set to mix camara action of him up on the big screen. Inspired by the unique Amsterdam vibe (and the fug-off projector+soundcistem, Coldcut eventually clanked into action and played what I felt wasmaybe the most coherent CCTV audiovisal set so far; at least it felt verygood. The crowd reaction to the VJamm video scratching using 'Jungle Book'was unbelievable.People seemed really into the audiovisual linkup, Hollandhas a tradition of video art so they are ready for it. I then VJade for Morris's wicked spacy ticktock n bass 2 hr set as well,using VJamm+VCDS. We didn't know if people would stay after the CC setfinished, but Morris managed to keep the place full + jumping till closing.We got the whole CC + Morris sets recorded sound+vision on hi8. Upstairs, the other room was also full all night with Neotropic's messagesof funky darkness, Mr. Scruff+ MK in megathon yet listenable scratchsesssion, Roots Maneuver on da lyrical xpressions, with Mark Hexstaticdoing the visuals the whole night, so full on AV in both rooms giving thepeople a lick more like Ninja like to do it. The Paradiso should be up for doing a similar gig again; it might also begood with more seats there for a more cinema vibe/more chilled AV set. Whilst hard core touring Ninja posse had to immediately set out on the busfor the next gig in Paris, the Coldcut bros and DJ Friendly got to hang outat Global Chillage, the coffee shop named after Morris's 2nd album, and achilled place who serve a mean cake. Indeed, Rob Spacecake himself wasthere to welcome the posse; he made a good point about having visuals incoffee shops which is that they can cause people to switch off talking toeach other and just mong out a bit too much on the screens. This made me think that we need an adjacent separate cinema stylee chillclub where people can relax, skin up without being hassled, and seriouslyget into some psychedelic cinema deeptime. Ideally would be interactivewith audience being able to control elements on screen eg from joysticks.Soon seems that Germany may legalise draw some time soon, inwhich case there might be scope for technohippy smoking cafe/cinema/chillspaces as viable businesses there. Anyway , Amsterdam rocked. One of the most phun gigs for me for a while. Back on Sunday, speak soon, love to absolutely everyone. xmatt black