Ape School Remixes EP Out Now

Download now from the Ninjashop or iTunes. Watch the Anthony Sheppard-illustrated video for 'Wail To God' here. Not your conventional "remix" collection, these reworkings are approached with an appreciation for the song, often preserving verse and chorus, acknowledging the palette of shared influences behind them. Forever-Ninja Andrew Broder of Fog presents first with a decidedly Stones-inflected guitar slink of 'That's OK'. Keith Sunset, a.k.a. Speck a.k.a. producer Michael Gersten, left-fielder for Gainesville's CYNE, skies one with a spiraling arpeggiation around MJ's falsetto. Pollination deconstructs with a shambolic then densely melodic writing of 'Wail to God', while Pop Levi's astrally saccharine weemix suggests it's actually 'Not OK' to "grunt like an apeman" while "peaking early". Yppah gazes shoe-ward, getting happy backward, with ephemeral strains and bass anchorage on 'My Intention'. Daedelus explains first then states second in his B-A rendering of "Wail to God", twisting lilting melodies around stuttering drums. Arc In Round, creative vehicle of Jeff Zeigler, producer of Kurt Vile, War On Drugs and more, overarches with a summary of what Ape School is all about, the bizarre. As comfortable side-by-side as they are as standalones, this Remixes EP unites a suite of likehearted songs, shedding light on its songcrafters and the ape at the helm.