The Out Sound From Way In

Juice Aleem - Rock My Hologram Video Juice Aleem - the Original Galactica - currently has a truly fantastic single out with remixes from Si Begg and Offshore. Now, to complement it, he has one of the best videos for a Big Dada tune... ever. Inspired by 70s sci-fi and Egyptology, the video fuses CGI, stop motion and hand-built models to create an effects-laden mini-masterpiece. Sun Ra, wherever you are, eat your bloody heart out... Earth 1, Venus 0...! Jammer - 'Better Than' new single out now The Jammy Jamster, Mr Jahmek Power his very self, has a new single out, from his forthcoming debut album, 'Jahmanji'. It's called 'Better Than' and it's as grimey and crunchy as 'Party Animal' was frothy and munchy. Produced by Rapid (best known for his work with Tinchy Stryder) the tune is a slap down to all those wannabe MCs who've never dropped a line outside of the comment boxes on YouTube. Wasteboys. There's also a pretty spiffy street video which you can see here and, if you're a Twitter-finagler, go here to get a blinding remix of the tune by FlyLo cohort Lorn. For nowt. The system's called "Tweet For A Track" and you have to... oh, why do I bother? Big Dada Podcast Here at Big Dada Dungeon we've spent the morning listening to the Big Dada Solid Steel special from around the year of our Lord 2000. Good in patches, but could try harder. None try harder, of course, than Mr DJ Kenny A La Fu aka Whispering Death aka the Scots Mechanic aka The Best Looking Man In Aberdeen. Our resident podcast genius has carefully stitched together Episode 9 of his most excellent audio-Dada excursions and it includes tracks from the one and only Juice Aleem, the mighty mighty Infesticons and Jammer plus a particularly plush section from A LA Fu's ongoing mix of BD classics. Get it on iTunes or on MP3. The Infesticons Talking of the Infesticons, the album is now due out on May 24th (June 1st Stateside). It's only available on limited edition vinyl and as a download because CDs are about to be cast into the dustbin of history. So get those vinyl orders into the shop nice and early, it won't last. The artwork for this project is also rather marvellous and is explained by Mike Ladd thus: "And yea there was the original Infesticon, Crispus Jebbediah Akimbo 9 and yea he smashed up many a 18th century Majestics in petticoats, took on single handedly the secret Majesticons society, the 'Attitude Dandies,' and sent their post-tawny red hides back to the Lilly Puffs. And yea for this and many other low-key-yet pimp-like exploits, a statue was erected in his honor where Bedford Park meets the Grand and looks south. And yea this is where we rallied no less than 200 plus years later and lead-knuckled the Majesticons' feathery pomps once again. And though we band boys skipped the to-do, yea we stand before SlickCrispus alive." And if that doesn't make any sense to you, watching this film of the 'making of the cover' might just help... Roots Manuva The Rootical one was on Channel 4 on British telly the other night performing three tracks from "Slime & Reason" for the new Mercury Music Prize TV series brand-expansion thing. He is, was and remains the don. It was lovely. There's an interview, too, and those of you in Blighty can check it on the C4 media player. And for those of you based in or near London, be sure to catch Rodney's next Banana Klan night - Go Bananas! at the Book Club Bar on April 23rd. Expect more wondrousness. Check this film, for footage of the first one. Xrabit & DMG$ Both producer Xrabit and MCs Damaged Good$ are keeping themselves busy right now. Damaged Good$ have just released their mixtape, "Spread Love Not Germs" here, whereas Xrabit, as one half of BBQ, is about to release his. You can download a track from it featuring the DMG$ boys and Spoek here. M. Sayyid Sayyid from Anti-Pop Consortium is on virtual tour. Kind of. The best thing is to tell you to go and look. He's got as far as Atlanta and in every city he's leaving behind truly superbad music. Our favourite so far is "Advance Human" in Philly, though "Astro Green Part 1" in Atlanta is running it close. Just go look/listen/learn... Infinite Livez Get arty farty and compete with the Charles Claati by buying an exclusive, limited edition Infinite Livez print. He's great, they're great, you're great. It's a match made in superlatives. Purchasing power is the new big p3n1s. Exercise yours now. (Sorry for the lily-livered numericals back there - we want you to get this, not your sp4m f1lt3r, y4g3tm3?) Big Dada Facebook Last but not least, we've finally got round to starting our own Facebook page so please come and join us there and do whatever it is you do once you're a member of a Facebook group. I know, get your mates to join, get them to get their mates to join, start a campaign to get "Black Atlantians" to Number One (where it always deserved to be anyway) and then eventually become tired of digital life, go and live in a wood, grow a beard, live off stuff found in hedgerows and finally, as the planet's land masses sink into the rising oceans, fashion a rope out of bark and hang yourself from the branch of a mighty oak.