Big Dada Podcast April 2011

Belated yes, but for some excellent reasons we're sure you'll agree. The new Big Dada Podcast features brand new music from DELS (who in Zane Lowe's opinion has an outrageous approach to the game... It feels like sky's the limit with DELS) including the wondrous remix of GOB by TV on the Radio's David Andrew Sitek. There are not one but TWO exclusive tracks from the forthcoming Wiley album, 100% Publishing, a sneak preview of Offshore's new EP, live music from Paris Suit Yourself, the new single from Bang On!, and a track from the debut Big Dada EP by Elan Tamara. All of it is lovingly blended by our usual purveyor of pertinent music, A La Fu. Go on, take it, its yours, now skedaddle.

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