Boy Sprout

Our brassic-brained buddy Cabbage Boy aka Si Begg has been in touch to keep us updated on all his many and multifarious activities. And they are legion. First up, the man has a new Noodles comp coming up on Leaf featuring exclusive tracks from Mouse On Mars, Sand, Si Begg (o'course), Neil Landstrum, Jamie Lidell "plus many other stupid people who should know better...." Si is also threatening to unleash on an unsuspecting world, it's unique selling point being "mp3s of all the stuff too dumbass to be released, plus more cabbage related nonsense...." Last but not least, he's also got a residency at Fabric on the first Friday of every month as part of the 'Big Beat Boutique v. Bugged Out' night. Ever the downbeat smirker (it's the leafy face that does it), Si tells us, "it's fun. I play silly music to over-excited clubbers .... c'mon down..." Oh, and look out for his remix of Hexstatic's 'Vector', too.