BRTSH KNIGHTS - 'If I Was To' 12" Out Now

The debut offering from BRTSH KNIGHTS, the south London-based collective signed to Technicolour, is out now on 12" vinyl, and you can now purchase If I Was To from the Ninjashop, online retailers and your local record store!

The BRTSH KNIGHTS are proudly nostalgic of a time of lavish living and unrestrained lovemaking, a time of now-decrepit splendour and extravagance, a faded freedom, and therein lies the inspiration for their first release on Technicolour.

B-side "Hazed" is a dark, smokey flip side to the release's bubbling lead track, with remixes from garage don El-B and Brainfeeder's Mono/Poly - check out the video for "If I Was To" below!