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So someopne had this frankly rather stupid idea for doing a Ninja Top Three round-up for the year 2000 without music figuring AT ALL (tho' a couple of people couldn't resist it). Just our way of saying goodbye for the year before we come back and do it all again. ANyway, here it is. The Ninja Top Three countdown... Matt Black The Gift - poems by Hafiz , 14th Century Sufi Master Coldcut at Bimbos365 San fran, Nov2000 "You could be anyone you want this time" Tim Leary fuelled acid trip consciousness evolution 2 thee max. Love is the message. Luke Vibert 1. Maïa 2. Hip hop 3. Hackney animals on wheels top three belgian beers for 2000: 1 Val-Dieu triple 2 Westvleteren "8" 3 Oeral Steinski 1) My mom got married 2) My autistic cat allowed me to pet him finally, after 3 years 3) I played the Fillmore w/ Shadow & Chemist Blackitude (Gamma) 1. Maya (special girl in my life) 2. Alabama Raisin Cake (everyone should be converted by end of 2001) 3. Mike Ladd stage dive and crowd surfing @ Xen Cuts, Scala M3 (Gamma) TOP 3 PARTS OF CHICKEN: 1. Breast 2. Side breast 3. Wing Si Begg (Cabbage Boy) prawn tempura udon noodle bowls arnold schwarznegger hoax phone call mp3s old man of coniston bitter Mr Scruff My special equestrian top 3 is as follows... 1 Donkey 2 Pony 3 Another Donkey Riz Maslen (Neotropic) film premier of La Prochaine Fois @ the metro in Sydney Australia fave book requiem for a dream herbert selby jr fave film the radiohead documentary by grant gee NINJA OFFICE Pete (head honch) Toast Fin Mack Skev (n-tone) 1.psychedelic electronic folk music play 3.going out on a monday night Gav (international) Things that have made 2000 flow a lot easier. Dug out of the crates tune of the year:Free Jazz - Ornette Coleman [it's also the 40th anniversary of its release] Food of the year: My Girlfriend's Aunty's Mushroom Risotto - slobber!!!!! Revivalist item of the year: Pegs - old skool wooden ones ruling over modern plastic spring version.... Alison (Live) 1. Robbie Williams' underpants 2. Konditor and Cook ginger cake 3. Sanfranciscan Balloon Sculptor in Brussels Dom (International) The dome ...from a distance at night mr scruff at the big chill....yeah man I'm hippy...but it was still good Anne Widecombe at the Tory party conference and forward thinking on drugs ;-) Dean (Royalties) Top Three Ninja Pukes 1) After the Xen gig at 93 Feet East (reason given: it was those peanuts I had). 2) After the Ninja staff Xmas party (reason given: the taxi driver went the wrong way & I felt carsick). 3) Maybe tonight after ninja Xmas meal? (reason I will give: A man's got to know his limitations, I don't)