Coldcut Energy Union Tour

Coldcut have completed the 2009 Energy Union tour with their new audiovisual show. It was suitably amazing, and thanks to all who came and made it so. Sziget Festival in Budapest, Bratlisava and Berlin were particularly rocking. By dope demand, they've put some sections up on YouTube hot off the editing block. First, an electro/minimal track from Alvo Noto with audiovisual mix from 'Celebration', the first movement of the show. Watch it on YouTube. Then 'Caution- Climate Bollocks' a jungle-fueled Monty Pythonesque info download so you can swiftly win those arguments in the pub about whether Climate Change is happening or not. Watch it on YouTube. Third section 'We have the Technology', with a dense music mix from Nightmares on Wax, Andy Votel, Jellybass and many more inc. King Cannibalised version of Little Fluffy Clouds. Watch it on YouTube. Fourth section from EU is the grand finale, 'Monsters of Old Power' must DIE, for all you fans of vintage stopmotion animation eg the Skeletons from Jason + The Argonauts (Ray Harryhausen being the genius who did all that cool shit). An animation and montage extravaganza mixed over some brutally sweet dubstep from Ed Solo + Bassnectar. Watch it on YouTube.