Coldcut's Energy Union

The Energy Union show is an all-new Coldcut production - a ground-breaking piece of live activist cinema.The music is a 'Journeys by DJ' style approach: a genre-tripping montage of musical delights woven together by the acknowledged Ninja masters of the eclectic electric mash-up. The music features an orchestral element, a score performed by a live string section, adding a human dimension to the hi-tec funkativity.The visuals -a mix of borrowed, contributed footage and custom animation - use the music mix as a foundation to build a narrative in 4 sections:Celebration, Caution, Solutions, Action. Coldcut as AV Daddies transmogrified techniques from the DJ world and created scratch montage. The visuals will be presented on a custom giant black screen, this being part of the 'Project Black' initiative: a number of techniques to achieve a projection effect beyond the screen.The aim is to vibe people up with a super positive and inspirational new approach to ecopolitics using next gen audiovisual tricknology.Many of the Energy Union gigs are free /subsidised as the project is EU sponsored! Finally, a decent use of your Eurotaxes... so this is a unique chance to catch both Coldcut brothers in Europe this summer ...join the party, save the world and get Energise. July 18th - Munich, Germany July 21st - Pécs, Hungary July 25th - Vienna, Austria August 16th - Budapest, Hungary (Sziget Festival) August 29th - Kosice, Slovakia September 4th - Bratislava, Slovakia September 12th - Graz, Austria September 25th - Berlin, Germany