Dialogue day!

Out now on CD and download from the Ninjashop, Bleep.com, Juno and Boomkat. Yes, we here at Big Dada are officially naming today "Dialogue Day" - not because we want you to go out there and solve international conflicts, the crisis in the Middle East and that dispute with your neighbour over Unreasonable Uses of Hi-Fi Equipment (although we would like you to do all those things). No, it's because today's the day when Thavius Beck's masterwork "Dialogue" is released into the world and what we want you to do is Go And Buy The Fucker. For this task you can use Any Means Necessary - shop, finger click or, ooh, telephone... Because we think this is a great album. Thavius produced the K-The-I??? album we put out last year and now combines the same range of awesome beat-technique with his own warm-voiced, clever rhymes. Here's the press: "An impressive illustration of what hip hop and should be: adventurous, demanding and energising." - Clash "A riot of swirling keyboards and manic intent" - Word " An album packed with tightly-wound, chunky snare sounds, low chanting vocals and Beck's impressively deep flow drawn over the top like a darkening tarpaulin" - BBC Music "This album is heavy full stop. A synth-driven feast of gloriously weighty beats and rhymes so deep that the Atlantic Ocean seems shallow in comparison. Inspiring stuff" - ATM "His rapid-fire, almost spoken rapping backed by warm, pulsing bass and aggressive highs and electronics make his witty critiques of his life and his fucked up country sound huge." - Big Cheese "Reaches new heights.. Every track bleeds immediacy... sounds like the Bomb Squad if they'd called Miami home." - BritishHip-hop.co.uk "Ferocious... incorporates dance music, funk, drum and bass and rock into the mix to create something unique." - Grind Mode Connect "For fans of iconoclastic music of any stripe, Thavius Beck proves that the only boundaries he sees are ones he's already left behind..." - The Music Fix "How good is this?" - FACT "Awesome, his most varied and ambitious LP to date. Touches on soul, rock, jazz and drum n bass in as fluid and skilful a way as we've heard since the last time Outkast put a record out..." - Tasty "Flawless. Smashing boundaries within electronic music and hip-hop simultaneously, it's hard to be anything but awed by this abum..." - The Skinny Now go, walk out that door, go and buy. You will feel good about yourself, all conflicts will be solved, God will walk amongst us... GO!