Dorian Concept - Her Tears Taste Like Pears EP Out Now

After producing one of the standout tracks for Ninja’s 20th anniversary boxset and wowing audiences at a variety of Ninja XX shows, Dorian Concept's first EP for Ninja Tune Her Tears Taste Like Pears is out now.

Intensely intricate and musical, yet supremely soulful, Dorian Concept creates tunes which are simultaneously melancholy, propulsive and uplifting. From the moment the bass drops on “Her Tears Taste Like Pears,” through the multi-layered avant-dancehall of “My Face Needs Food,” on into the glorious shuffle of “Toe Games Made Her Giggle” before “Thank You All The Time Forever” finishes off in more a more introspective mood, you know that this is a producer to reckon with. Whatever he touches sounds completely and exclusively like himself, a completely developed aesthetic, rathering than the zigzagging re-hashes of a hack.

Her Tears Taste Like Pears is out now on 12" vinyl, limited edition CD single and download at the Ninjashop.