Elan Tamara - 'Organ EP' Out Now

Everyone witters on about the latest female singer-songwriter to plop off the major label production line but the truth is this: most of them sound the same. Weak re-treads of classic soul or classic folk or classic this or that. As a whole, people are more interested in how they look than whether they have anything to say, or any way to say it.

Please welcome, then, Elan Tamara, who genuinely sounds like no one else. Her third EP, and her first with Big Dada, shows Tamara developing her songwriting craft to new heights. With a voice that can be smooth and calming or raging and hurt, Tamara pulls long vocal lines and next level harmonies over the syncopated minimalism of her piano playing. The result is some of the most exciting, individual music around, music which deserves and rewards repeated listens and signals the arrival of a major new talent. Listen…

'Organ EP' is out now at the Ninjashop and iTunes.