Exclusive Homelife Digital Single

Introducing the first ever Ninja Digital Single. Buy exclusive Ninja tracks not available anywhere else directly from us. First up is Homelife with the "Home Broadcaster" EP, only available as a download direct to your PC. Not your work PC, mind (though it will, so to speak, work). No no. Your home PC. Keep your pyjamas on. Make a cup of tea. Dance around the kitchen. Do some mushrooms. Do the hoovering. Examine your carpet for hallucination-inducing patterning. Four tracks deep, "Home Broadcaster" runs from the epic "Arsonite" which effortlessly combines Bitches Brew, Bollywood and brown bread, through the perfect, sunny psych-pop of "Five Flat Four" (with the greatest xylophone break since the invention of the synth), the folksy whimsy of "Hair Cut" to the electro-rock of "Blob". Digitize, then catch the Homebroadcaster Tour.