Ntone's profile has been building steadily during the last few years it wasborn in May 1994 and is home to artists such as Neotropic, Cabbage Boy, Fink, Journey Man, Rhys Chatham, Animals on Wheels, Override and theamazing Tone Tales compilation CD's. Ntone initially came about as the more experimental side of Ninja Tune buthas been expanding ever since and is currently hitting the press with therelease of Neotropics new album 'Mr Brubakers Strawberry Alarm Clock' Check soundbites comin atch soon! She's currently on the Ninja tour, checkthe LIVE section for details. Other new stuff out on Ntone is the Frontside EP by Fink on the 16thNovember. Fink whose current projects include remixing the soundtrack for "LOVE IS THE DEVIL", the Cannes award winning biography of Francis Bacon (expect a dark one!).