Fink Meets The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra - Live Album Released 14 October

Last year, Fink performed a concert with one of the world’s best symphony orchestras – the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam. Fink’s music was rearranged for the orchestra by composer and orchestrator Jules Buckley, one of the most in-demand arrangers in Europe. His instinctive understanding of how to harness the huge power of an orchestra to play songs by contemporary musicians verges on the genius. Now, Ninja Tune is releasing the brilliant results

Fink Meets the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra will be released 14 October on deluxe 2LP, CD and download - order now at the Ninjashop and iTunes, watch "Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us", and download a FREE MP3 of the track below - we'll soon be announcing some very special events around the release.

Fink’s drummer Tim Thornton puts the feeling you get hearing opener "Berlin Sunrise" better than anyone. "Nothing will ever beat the first time the RCO kicked-in behind me, on that first rehearsal day. The best analogy I can come up with is this: imagine sitting in your car, pressing down the accelerator, and instead of the whirr and buzz of your ten-year-old Toyota Corolla, you get the sound and rumble of a Boeing 747 jet engine. That’s what it felt like for me."

The album will, like most Fink releases, come in a beautiful, high-value package that matches the music. With a booklet of photographs by Tommy N Lance, documenting the experience of putting together such a huge, complex concert, as well as liner notes by Thornton and Fink himself.