Grasscut - 1 Inch/

So begins the debut album from Grasscut. "1 Inch / ½ Mile" maps the route of a transcendental journey across a real landscape, centering on the Sussex South Downs of "High Down," but taking in frozen mountains in North Wales ("Meltwater"), a man with a metal walking stick in a park in Brighton ("The Tin Man"), his mother's memories of post-war rationing ("1946") to the slightly more metaphorical Nintendo Cathedral of "Muppet" and Hilaire Belloc riding a winged horse across the nation. Weaving in between the lead vocal are voices from the past and the present, snatched from mobile phones & gramophones - a 1920s tenor, gossiping mums, land developers and the aforementioned Victorian singing poet. Grasscut have been played on BBC Radio 1, 2 and 3 aswell as performing sessions on XFM and 6 Music, DJ fans include Rob Da Bank and Tom Robinson. This is their first album together. :: Pre-order '1 Inch/ ½ Mile' now :: Grasscut eflyer :: Grasscut myspace