Heavyweight Remixes

Rewind to September 2006, when 'Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines' hits the streets sprinting, hurdling genres and kicking its analogue spikes into the bland face of all who stand in its path. This debut artist album, "Ninja Tune's best release ever" according to Trevor Jackson, had dirty jazz&bassmeisters zero dB propelled overground long enough to tour their bangers and mash it up at parties around the world, before burrowing back underground. It's from here that Chris Vogado (one of the dBs and Mr. Fluid Ounce, the label that launched these boys back in 1999 with 'Come Party') masterminded the remix album, 'Heavyweight Gringos'. Vogado approached 27 members of the Fluid Ounce Friends & Familia crew plus Ninja and Big Dada stablemates and laid the whole 'Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines' album at their disposal. Available now, buy from the Ninjashop.