Illum Sphere - "Love Theme From Foreverness" Video Premiere

Philadelphia based animator and director Anthony Francisco Schepperd lends Illum Sphere's  "Love Theme From Foreverness" (from his album Ghosts Of Then And Now) his inimitable touch.

Imagining the distance between people and the closeness we experience with love using the dark undertone of negative space, Schepperd shows the resonance of touch through the use of bold light and shadow.

Illum Sphere - Spectre Vex EP features exclusive new material from the Hoya:Hoya co-founder alongside remixes from fellow electronic outsiders Legowelt (L.I.E.S.), Lone (R&S), Charles Manier / JTC (aka Dabrye) and UK legend Zed Bias.

It will be released exclusively for Record Store Day on Saturday 19th April and if you're in London that day head down to Soho's Sounds of the Universe - they're hosting an all day street party and Illum Sphere's DJing before Four Tet from 3-4pm. Find out more here.