Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow.

Remember when hip hop was exciting and cutting-edge, funny and moving and original? I know, seems like a long time ago. But don't despair - on "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow," k-the-i??? recaptures that spirit and re-tools it for the future. In order to make this record k-the-i??? relocated from his home in Cambridge, Mass, to LA. With production for the whole record supplied by Thavius Beck (Lab Waste, Saul Williams), k-the-i??? focused on a set of lyrics that run from love songs to New World Order conspiracies and everything in between. It's also an album enlivened by guest appearances from some of the most important names in underground hip hop, High Priest, Busdriver, Mestizo, Nocando, Subtitle, Vyle and Thavius Beck himself. If k-thei-???'s rep as one to watch was cemented by his Mush debut, "Broken Love Letter," "Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" should bump him to the front ranks for anyone who is interested in hip hop as it was, should be and, just occasionally, still is. Available now, buy from the Ninjashop.