Keeping It Reel

The brainchild of acclaimed photographer/film maker B+, 'Keep In Time: A Live Recording' documents a unique meeting of minds when B+ brought together some of LA's greatest drummers with some of the West Coast's most renowned hip hop DJs. In addition, B+ took the multitrack recordings of the live show and gave them to some of the best known and most respected underground producers in the world, the resulting album being a superb stand-alone compilation. You will find new work here from a host of great names: DJ Shadow, King Britt, Cut Chemist, Charlie Dark, Ammoncontact, Quantic Soul Orchestra, O.H.N.O., Daedelus and J-Rocc. But what make's this record great is the thematic unity, the rhythmic brilliance of the two drummers who lie at the roots of the work, "this project is about love" Believe. Available now. Buy from the Ninjashop.