New Mixes

Two King Cannibal posted up on the King Cannibal SoundCloud page. The first mix done for Knowledge Magazine is as dark and grimy as ever meshing a number of records Cannibal has been digging, and turning them upside down with his own Ableton twist. This 25 minute mix merges everyone from Scuba to Master P, integrity still intact. The second mix 'Grinted Teeth and Brawlsville' dices up vocals and forces them into unholy unions with everything from IDM and drill&bass through to discordant cartoon-core and broken beat spasms. DMX, Busta, Lil Kim, Dead Prez, Beans and Chantelle (to name but very few) are knee-capped by Autechre, Squarepusher et al. then reconfigured into a leaner, more menacing beast. If you ever thought Anti-Pop Consortium were a bit soft, then Zilla has injected some rock hard resin into the mashup canon. King Cannibal - Knowledge Magazine Mix 'ZILLA' / King Cannibal - Grinted Teeth And Brawlsville (Mix)