Loka Music Video Competition

Ninja Tune will be collaborating with Signals Media Arts in hosting a competition to create a video for each track on the upcoming Loka album "Fire Shepherds". The best made video for each track - as chosen by the festival, Ninja and Loka themselves - will be screened at Signals yearly festival in October. Moreover, the overall winner will receive a £1000 cash production budget plus up to £2000 worth of Signals facility and equipment hire, a wax sack of Ninja records, a day workshop in the studio with Ninja Tune AV artist, VJ Mox. Initially people will be asked to submit a synopsis by April 21st and four people for each track will be notified by May 5th with the deadline for final video by August 18th for judging. Much more info and excerpts of tunes to base ideas on are available here