Mersey Beats

The Liverpudlian duo Karl Webb and Mark Kyriacou made their debut on Ninja's 'Xen Cuts' compilation all the way back in 2000 and ever since then there has been a sense that something special might come of it. Loka have created a music which at times sounds like Miles Davis jamming with Carl Craig and the Kronos Quartet. Only a lot more fun than that. 'Fire Shepherds' is an album outside of time, immune to trend. You could argue that like Cinematic Orchestra the duo share an interest in the movie soundtrack as something to set our own lives to. You'd be on safe ground stating that like Jaga, Loka are concerned with the point where rhythms cease to be generic and just become propulsion. But neither of these references can fully do justice to Loka's love of cascades of emotive strings and the jazz/rock experiments of the late sixties and early seventies. Released 27th March. For more info about the film competition check out this link.