Just in case you hadn't noticed, has launched. Clickon the ikon underneath Roots Manuva and have a look... Not to mention that the delicious "Sunflower Girl" is out on the 3rd of September in vanglorious 7" shape. have grabbed hold of a full-length showing of neotropic's "Sunflower Girl" - taken from her evocative audio-visual album 'la prochaine fois' and their showing it on their's what the skam had to say about her new single...."that riz maslen. somehow makes a type of electronic folk which soundslike it was made last century for tomorrow's world. or near enough.sunflower girl is soft and dreamy like all sunflower girls should be.the harmonica in the song, btw, cost riz all of 50p. so there you are.oh did we say you can see the video on the skam - it's very pretty"