The Big Dada Mix

For the second week of the Ninja Tune XX giveaways, we present the cream of Big Dada. In the words of Roots Manuva, A La Fu is a Big Dada soldier, and we couldn't have said it better ourselves. From way back when, the Aberdeen based DJ and producer has played alongside Roots, The Infesticons, Infinite Livez and New Flesh. He's also turned in mix after bleeding edge mix of Big Dada music, and this brand new example is arguably the best to date. Featuring music from Roots Manuva, TTC, The Infesticons, Bigg Jus, Speech Debelle, Wiley, Spank Rock, Diplo and more, it's yours for free. The NINJA TUNE XX releases, this September, will include brand new tracks from Big Dada artists including Roots Manuva, Jammer, Offshore, Dels, Speech Debelle and others. In addition to this week's giveaway, there's also a chance to win a special copy of Wiley's 'Playtime is Over' album. Due to a manufacturing error, a batch of the CD was pressed up with a white disc, rather than black. We had Wiley sign five copies, making this a very rare edition of his Big Dada album. To win, all you have to do is email with the subject line 'Wiley' (winners will be selected at random) NINJATUNEXX.NET - WEEK 2 GIVEAWAY