Plug - 'Back On Time' Out Now

Back On Time, the new album from Plug, is out now.

In early 2011, Luke Vibert said that he had just found some, long-lost never heard before DATs dated "1995-1998" and entitled Plug. We're sure this will bring bearded pogoing-type excitement for many of you but for those that doesn't happen for here's a quick recap.... 

Vibert shook up D'n'B with 1996's Drum 'N' Bass for Papa - at that point no album had been released that departed from the genre's formulaic template. The album was an eccentric bolt from the blue, it shocked many of Vibert's contemporaries but went on to influence many, most notably Squarepusher. Until now Plug has yielded just one album - possibly only a humble man like Luke Vibert would have a whole album of top-quality electronic tracks just sat around for over 15 years and not release them.

The 10 tracks on offer here include the proto-garage vocal stylings of "Feeling So Special", the demented circus-organs of "No Reality", the old-skool rinse out of "Mind Bending", the skewed bollywoodisms of "A Quick Plug for A New Shot", all with impeccably produced jungle credentials as the bed. 

Sounding brand new as well as being a lost classic from a electronic icon, Back On Time is available now on 2LP vinyl, CD and download from the Ninjashop and iTunes. Also available exclusively at the Ninjashop is the Run / Get Out My Face 12", available separately or as a vinyl bundle with the album.

You can also listen to DK's Back On Time Solid Steel minimix now on Soundcloud.