Pop Levi "Police Sign & Terrifying" Out Today

After the glossy, almost baroque production of his second album, "Never Never Love," Pop Levi decided it was time to get back to basics. His new single "Police $ign/Terrifying" is just about the rawest Pop has ever sounded, a rudimentary garage rock driving him forward as though he's channelling the spirit of The Stooges through his own "magickal" systems. "Police $ign," a rough blues, is, in Pop's words, "about a roller-skating femme-fatale who uses constabulary equipment to get what she wants." "Terrifying" is dedicated to one of Pop's heroes, underground filmaker Kenneth Anger, and was written while watching his "Invocation Of My Demon Brother." Watch the video for "Terrifying" here and buy the single from the Ninjashop now.