Pop Levi - 'Motorcycle 666 / Rock Solid' Out Now

Pop Levi returns with a new single, a new band and a whole new life, returning from outer/inner space with this crazed fuzz-fest of a double A-side single.

"Motorcycle 666" is "about a girl that's a bike that's had her soul stolen by Lucifer". Frrrreaky. “Rock Solid”, already featured as a 'Track Of The Week' in NME, is classic hand-clapped sex'n'rock'n'roll, re-booted for the 21st century. The song features Levi's most outrageous vocal performance to date, killer-lightning guitars, spastic bass and the most psychedelic bridge since Prince ate the spirit of Hendrix.

Motorcycle 666 / Rock Solid is out now at the Ninjashop and iTunes. Pop will play London's 100 Club on 8 July, all info and tickets here.