Pop Levi - New Album 'Medicine' Out Now

Pop Levi's new album Medicine is out now on Counter Records - grab a FREE MP3 right now here.

Pop Levi is not like other pop stars. For one thing, he is not a pop star – at least not in our particular dimension. Luckily, he has access to others.

Ask him where the inspiration for his new album comes from and he will tell you that it was “recorded by a different version of me in another dimension, then transmitted to this version of me during prolonged isolation tank sessions.” We hope you’re following this so far because there’s more. “I’ve tried to render the songs as close to the versions I sent to myself,” Pop explains. “Although achieving a precise re-recording would prove impossible, I hope you and all the other versions of myself think it’s just the hotness.” Not only will he tell you this. He will believe it.

Last words to the man himself. “File under: Future rock, make your soul go heavy.” You got it.

Medicine is out now on flourescent green LP, CD and download - buy at the Ninjashop, iTunes and AmazonWatch the videos for "Strawberry Shake" and "Coming Down" below, and catch Pop at London's Lexington on 16 November - all info here.