Raffertie - Sound Installation at South Kilburn Studios

Raffertie, along with a number of other artists, are hosting a free sound installation at South Kilburn Studios this Thursday 16 February, between 6 - 9pm. Raffertie explains...

"It is a fairly underwhelming and obvious statement that, for the vast majority of us, sounds makes up one part of our sensory day-to-day world by augmenting the visual and helping us to place things we see in both time and space. What is perhaps a more profound thought is that we live these sounds every day without too much consideration of sounds in themselves and what they tell us. A loved one’s voice on the end of the phone; the sounds of the busy road near your house; a child screaming on the bus because they have earache; a rush of air as you pass an entrance to the underground; the keypad on the security door and the creek of the door’s hinges; wooden floors that shuffle underfoot; the sound of my studio door handle (close to falling off) and the edge of that door that always catches on the frame and requires an extra pull or push; big metal shutters that, like a broken clock, tell you the correct time twice a day, when the day starts they go up and at the end they go down; and all the other periphery sounds of people I know, and those I don’t, coming and going. What exactly do sounds tell us? Everything.

This installation is comprised of close mic recordings of sounds from inside and outside of South Kilburn Studios. Tenants, trainees, local people and the building itself have contributed to the source material. As an artist I am fascinated by sound and what makes a sound what it is. From a creative point of view a sound’s fleeting ephemeral nature is both liberating and disappointing at the same time. This installation is designed to be listened to on many levels; there are parts which you will hear clearly and there are parts which you have to listen closely to but most of all listen to the sound of the studio when you are in it, at any time of day, when people are at work, when you are at an open studio and reflect for a moment on what exactly you are hearing at which point you become part of the installation itself..."

Raffertie's new EP Mass Appeal is out now, available at the Ninjashop and iTunes.