RCO Meets Fink - World's First Concert as an App

The launch of an iPad app is a fittingly unique follow-up to the unique, sold-out collaboration between Fink and the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, which was held at the prestigious Concertgebouw in Amsterdam earlier this year. The new app provides fans with an unprecedented concert experience, as well as access to exclusive content, as if they were re-living the concert with the musicians in their very own living room.

The app is built around the full HD live recording of the Queen’s Day Eve Concert held on 29 April 2012. The film has been enriched with additional, interactive layers featuring interviews with the musicians, a look back on the event with the band members from Fink and excerpts from the dress rehearsal. This intuitive concert experience is further enhanced by 360° video recordings, which allows the user to take a virtual seat amongst the musicians onstage. The production is optimised for use with Apple TV, using the iPad as a second screen, offering users a truly unique live music experience in the comfort of their own home.

Fin Greenall, who fronts Fink, says, "This app truly is revolutionary and gives our fans, and music lovers everywhere the ability to choose exactly how they wish to view the concert. The fact that you can actually look around the room ‘from stage’ with this thing is incredible. We had an inspiring time building this concert and hope this experience inspires others in an equally meaningful way."

Ivan Meylemans, who conducted the concert with Fink, says, "This production showcases the collaboration between the orchestra and Fink in a very special way, simultaneously providing users with an exceptional concert experience in a home setting. This exciting new step is a sign of great things to come! I truly believe this is the future."

RCO Meets Fink is available now at the App Store.