Roots Manuva Channel 4 Performance

The good burghers of Channel 4 are taking some time this coming week to celebrate the joys and wonders of the British independent music scene running from Joy Division to Kate Mehlua's smash hit, "Blue Tory Womble Lust". As part of this bonanza of corporate depravity, Roderick Manuva went down to Cargo last week and recorded three tracks in front of a small but basically alive studio audience. Shorn of the back-up of Ricky Ranking (tooting away somewhere in Amsterdam with nihilists-du-jour, Bug) Mr Manuva called on New Flesh's Juice Aleem to fulfil BV duties. DJ MK, meanwhile, woke up about ten minutes before the show, having flown in on the 5am pill plane from Ibiza and some KISS FM duties. The results were suitably charming and most definitely live and we are reasonably reliably informed that they can be watched on the TV channel with a big 4 in it at 12.15am (ie in the morning) on Monday night. Or Tuesday morning, depending on how anal you wanna be about it. Watch, revel, etc etc.