S.W.A.G Blag

After their Radio 1 playlisted single, "On The Run," The Qemists return with "S.W.A.G." a big, biiiiig tune about getting away with it. Featuring the vocals of sometime Alabama 3 frontwoman Zoe Devlin-Love, "S.W.A.G." is one of the most rocking moments from The Qems' widely acclaimed debut album, "Join The Q," currently at number 1 on the Japanese electronic charts. Remixes come from a variety of sources. One of Britains biggest metal bands, Enter Shikari have become great friends of the band after they all toured Europe together and here they lay down a punishing dubstep-rock mix which jumps from acid squelch to headbang and back again. Interface offers up the most straight-up d&b mix of the package, first stringing out the original into something beautiful and ambient and then rolling it out as if there's no tomorrow. Kilon Tek, by contrast, turns a corner into swinging electro-funk. Download S.W.A.G. now.